Recognized nationally and internationally for the creative and functional artistry of their exceptional designs that are uniquely reflective of each client commissioning their work.

The Value Brion Jeannette Architecture Brings

Aside from excellence in design, owners come to us because our services are comprehensive, and the quality of drawings and specifications are more extensive and detailed than most other firms. Drawings and specifications are continually updated to incorporate new technology. We provide superior plans and construction-phase assistance with more than forty years of experience specializing in creating exceptional private homes and estates unique to each client.

BJA brings a level of value to each project that warrants the extra time we spend on all critical facets: programming, site analysis, design expertise, technical specifications, and coordination with engineering consultants, interior designers, and construction with general contractors and owners. Our architectural plans include design and integration of all elements of the finished product: kitchen/bath design, lighting design, theater design, landscape design, safe rooms, energy-conserving techniques, and specialized features created for highly individual needs.

Our expertise and experience—with an emphasis on architectural detailing and specifications—allow construction to progress with fewer field decisions, saving time and reducing unexpected costs. The dollars our clients invest in their homes deserve our expertise. The end result is a home that exceeds expectations and brings us great pride.

BJA has cultivated relationships with local builders for more than four decades. We provide referrals and introductions to builders with the right experience and goals for our clients. Among private home contractors in Orange County, BJA is highly respected and regarded as the team player that makes the building process a pleasure. Our knowledge of construction is on par with that of the most experienced general contractor, allowing us to interface through construction as our client’s liaison—start to finish and for years following.


Site Acquisition Analysis

We analyze potential sites prior to purchase to determine suitability for our client’s goals, code restrictions, constructability issues, sun exposure and maximized views.

Feasibility studies

We collaborate with our client and/or our client’s agent to analyze site potential based on governing codes and ordinances compared to the client’s goals and objectives. We interpret the possible effect of the California Coastal Commission’s guidelines and directives and analyze the potential need for specialized construction techniques. For remodeling projects, BJA works with the client to analyze the program goals, budget considerations, and overall resulting benefits.

Research: Codes and homeowner association rules and guidelines

We analyze restrictions and opportunities and research governing codes, ordinances, Homeowner Association codes, and covenants and restrictions (CC&Rs)—and determine possible effects on a project site and the client’s goals. Startup meetings with HOA representatives and governing agencies are insightful to achieve conformance.



We meet with the owner and other key consultants on the project to establish project goals, estimated budget, defined objectives, and project scope. BJA uses an extensive client questionnaire to identify a client’s at-home lifestyle and expectations.

Site planning

We create a site plan to determine the optimum location for building(s) and other desired project elements and consider views, solar access, solar orientation, prevailing breezes, existing and future neighboring development, and other special site amenities.

Computer Modeling

We can provide three-dimensional computer modeling for interior walkthrough and building exteriors, including furniture or other specialized elements.


Models/Artist Renderings

Project models, if desired or required, range from simple “mass” or study models to highly detailed, finished models. Artist renderings can be black-and-white thumbnail sketches, detailed watercolor artist perspective renderings, or 3-D digital renderings of the finished exterior project, with landscape context and/or neighboring site relationships. We can also provide simulated modeling of the completed home on its site.

Schematic Design (Concept Design Studies)

Following the research/programming phases, the architect prepares design studies, illustrating the approximate scale and relationship of the various project components to one another and the external constraints. This process considers views, natural day lighting, flow, and lifestyle objectives.

Preliminary Design

We create detailed design drawings from the approved schematic design studies that fix and depict the character and scale of the project, interior, and exterior. This involves detailed floor plans, a roof plan, a site plan, site sections, and exterior elevations. All design objectives are digitally delineated.

Governing Agency Approval Processing (HOA, City, County, Fire Authority, Coastal Commission)

BJA has a well-earned reputation for securing property rights on sensitive sites facing difficult odds. We are frequently called on by Orange County Judiciary to settle disputes arising from architectural and building issues for city and homeowner associations.

Since the inception of the California Coastal Commission, BJA has worked to secure approvals for coastal bluff homes and developments. Experience and understanding of the frequently changing coastal guidelines and building relationships with Coastal Commission staff and commissioners have resulted in unprecedented success.

Interior Design Consultation

BJA’s services include interior architectural design and creating congruency and authenticity between the exterior and interior architectural theme. Collaboration with a client’s interior design professional is welcome. BJA can provide interior finish recommendations. The owner’s interior designer’s drawings are integrated to create a cohesive end result. While BJA does not select furnishings, if desired we can collaborate with our client to select final interior finishes to compliment the architecture.

Construction Documents

Computer drafting of highly detailed plans and specifications provides the foundation for thorough construction bidding and building for the builder, assuring the end result will attain the design integrity and objectives of the collaborative work between the client and architect. BJA’s services include kitchen design, specialized lighting design, specification of known healthy building materials, and interior architecture. Interior design and other specialized consultant drawings are integrated to create a cohesive, successful end result.

Landscape Architecture

BJA has the expertise to provide landscape design, including any specialized features: tennis or sport courts, pools, spas, stables, wine caves, etc. BJA also works directly with a client’s landscape architect to ensure cohesiveness with project objectives.

Construction Assistance

BJA serves as a liaison between the client and the contractor during the construction process and makes periodic site visits to review progress and help maintain the integrity of the design and building materials. We assist the general contractor with field adjustments, review change orders for appropriateness, and work to maintain sound relationships with neighbors and governing agencies throughout the process of construction. BJA can also provide a more in-depth construction phase assistance that includes review of a contractor’s invoicing for progress payments and regularly scheduled progress and budget review meetings. BJA can also refer to construction management companies for more in-depth service options.

Preliminary Cost Estimate/Analysis

After completing the preliminary design drawings, BJA can secure preliminary construction cost estimates from qualified and experienced builders to reassure the budget-conscious client before proceeding with the construction documents and government entitlements.


Construction Bid Analysis

We distribute plans to qualified bidders, respond to RFIs, receive and review contractors’ bids for comparison and consistency for objectives, and assist in contract fee negotiation and final selection. We assist with value engineering if desired. We can provide referrals to attorneys specializing in construction contracts to further assist our clients.

Sustainability Analysis/Green Building Materials/LEED Project Coordination

BJA has more than forty years of experience with energy-efficient design techniques and specifications of healthy building materials. We are well versed in state-of-the-art advances in green, sustainable, and energy-conserving techniques. All projects are designed with passive solar strategies and allow for integration of active systems for domestic hot-water heating and photovoltaics for electrical needs, providing clients with the best options for present and future technology. LEED Project conformance management is provided in collaboration with the client’s project objectives. We are continually expanding our knowledge in this area as we explore state-of-the-art advances and opportunities.


Building Dept. Processing

We handle all building, zoning, planning, or other required agency processing to secure building permits.


Contractor Selections

BJA can provide a list of experienced general contractors appropriate or work with a client’s qualified builder. We can assist with interviews and answer questions to assist with the bidding process.

Construction Management

Services vary according to a client’s needs and can include full construction management: weekly site meetings with the general contractor; preparation of site meeting minutes and agenda follow-up; review of a contractor’s critical path progress schedule; review of pay requests for inclusion of lien releases and appropriateness for progress achieved. Clients living outside of the state or county can have confidence in the construction review BJA provides.

Our goal is to create a home that our clients hate to leave and are eager to return to; our objective is to enhance and improve the quality of their lives.