Making a home that is pet friendly
Making a home that is pet friendly

Our dogs and cats are members of our family and their comfort and safety should be considered in the planning of your home; just as you would for your children. Dogs and cats, even more than children rely on familiarity and habit. They know when you reach for their leash that a walk is forthcoming; a caring pet owner hangs their dogs’ leash on a visible hook right by the back door.

When we design homes for families with pets we like to provide an access door to a litter box that allows the family to remove the soiled litter in the garage and replace a freshened litter box back inside the dedicated space in the house – usually in a laundry room but in some cases our clients dedicate an entire room for their pet’s comfort needs. This is especially thoughtful when animals need to spend extended time alone. ‘Comfort Rooms’ can have play houses for cats, beds, windows to the outside world and a TV.

Pet owners should select flooring material that defy scratches, stains and clean easily – lots of beautiful options exist. When we built our home we had an Australian Sheppard that couldn’t bear to miss seeing everything going on outside out during the day. So we designed the roof of our home with a dog path so that Aspen could walk around the entire house. When we went to work in the morning Aspen would eagerly climb the ramp to the roof, we’d pull the hatch and she commanded the neighborhood throughout the day. She was in heaven and our neighbors enjoyed talking to her.

Making your animals a welcome part of the family can be far more than self-watering feeders and cushy beds. When they are welcomed and accommodated they are happier . . . and so are you. Talk with your architect about your pets and the many opportunities available to enhance both your life and your pet’s.



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