Hiring an Architectural Firm with Professional Liability Insurance
Hiring an Architectural Firm with Professional Liability Insurance

Why Hiring an Architectural Firm with Professional Liability Makes Sense: ( Professional Liability is also called Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance)
There are many things that distinguish Brion Jeannette Architecture from most of our competitors – our creative designs; a staff of caring, committed design professionals and architects; well versed in approval processes for cities, HOA’s across Southern California, as well as the California Coastal Commission; AND we carry Design Professional Liability insurance. Surprisingly, this is the exception rather than the rule among the custom residential architects in Orange County. And, with a variety of choices available for your selection of an architectural design professional it seems a good time to write about the importance of not only hiring a licensed architect, but one that carries professional liability insurance. For commercial or public architecture work insurance is required, but when it comes to single family homes the same is not true. A custom remodel or new custom home may very well be a family’s largest investment you will ever make. Trusting this huge expense to an uninsured professional can lay the responsibility for additional corrective expenses on your shoulders; if a significant design error or plan omission occurs.
Design professional liability insurance (E&O) is purchased by architects, engineers and environmental consultants. It provides our clients with financial security for our design and consulting services, as well as providing us with important support that minimizes business liability risks. Along with this, we require that all professional consultants on your project are insured as well – from the structural engineer to the general contractor building your home. By the way, ONLY reputable architects can obtain protective E&O insurance. Be sure to ask to see a Certificate of Insurance and make sure the insuring company has B+ or better rating.
For example, I love examples, most women I know are willing to pay considerably more for a quality brand-name handbag from a reputable store, than say the swap meet where you are not really sure what you are getting and there is no return policy. Why? A handbag is an appendage carried every day and needs to be stylish, durable, and reliable. Nordstrom is a prime example of a company that stands behind their products. If the zipper breaks, a strap tears, no problem you are taken care of – how good does that feel? Now, think about building or remodeling your home – this is an investment of great magnitude (and a significant part of your financial portfolio). Why would you trust this major investment to someone who cannot provide the same security? And, guys, if you need an example, I have a great one. Shopping for a car involves all of the same things. It had better be reliable, durable, and purchased from a reputable dealer who will stand behind the vehicle and be there when you need them.

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