Frank Lloyd Wright: Falling Waters and Duncan House
Frank Lloyd Wright: Falling Waters and Duncan House
08 . 01 . 17

Frank Lloyd Wright:  Duncan House and Falling Waters

If you admire Frank Lloyd Wright’s work as we do, you’ll love the experience we recently enjoyed.

An adventurous couple took on the challenge of acquiring several of FLW’s Usonian homes from the 50’s and reconstructed them in a spectacular setting they named Polymath Park, PA.  It is a pleasant 45 min drive from Pittsburgh airport.   Several of the homes can be booked for overnight stays.  Yes, I’m not kidding!  


We stayed in the Duncan House which was expertly relocated, complete with many of the Duncan’s original furnishings.  The house was as cleverly situated on its site as if FLW intended it to be there all along.    They also acquired some homes designed and built by FLWs protégés.  Great news, ALL of the homes are open for tour and each is uniquely different.  Not only did we spend two wonderful nights in an original FLW home, toured the homes in Polymath but took the 40 minute drive to Falling Waters! 


We studied Falling Waters in college (UofA in Tucson) and throughout our decades of professional careers – we thought we knew everything about it.  We were wrong!  Seeing it in person, experiencing the brilliance of space and natural light exceeded our expectations.  I’m not exaggerating when I say the real thing brought tears to our eyes!   FLW may have been arrogant, inflexible and demanding but he was brilliant!   BTW – be sure to take the ‘In-depth’ tour.  Early morning assures you more photo opportunities and fewer people.   We started our tour with a light rain, then the sun came out and by the time we left it was pouring – each element of weather offered a different experience in the house.   It was a great adventure we highly recommend.   


The drive around the countryside was great fun so don’t be in a hurry! 


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