"Architecture should be an honest reflection of the owner’s goals and expectations while respectfully embracing and balancing the demands and benefits of the site. Architecture should enhance the quality of life for the client and the environment" - Brion Jeannette

"Our goal is to create unique architecture in a responsible manner – not only for our clients, but also for our environment" - Amy J. Creager


Brion Jeannette Architecture of Newport Beach, where Brion is Lead Architect, has been a recognized pioneer and much-sought expert in energy-efficient aesthetics since the firm was established in 1974. Indeed, Brion was designing “green” long before the term was in use; one of his earliest tenets was that conservation of natural resources should be a by-product of good design. Wind, sunlight, shade, and landscaping are integral collaborators in every BJA-designed home’s passive-sustainable energy conservation features. Depending on budget considerations, designs may also incorporate active energy conserving systems so the home can be independent of public utilities.

Another tenet of Brion and Principal Architect Amy J. Creager is the creative wisdom of hand-sketched concepts over computer design programs. Brion and Amy feel the authenticity and immediacy of hand-drawn design is best for interpreting and communicating a project’s concept to the client. Once approved, BJA’s staff convert the sketches into complex technical documents that become presentation tools and eventually highly technical construction documents. BJA’s insistence on hand-drawn concept design balances state-of-the-art technology with the organic creativity crucial for truly fine architecture.


A third tenet of BJA’s uniquely principled design philosophy is being a bold champion of challenging convention when necessary to achieve the client’s goals, protect the environment, or enhance the design.

Many of BJA’s homes are constructed on environmentally sensitive or awkward sites, such as the rugged coastal bluffs of Orange County, California. Decades of staying abreast of – and often pioneering – new technologies and construction techniques for adapting to such special locations have earned BJA an unrivaled reputation for successfully resolving site constraints and tight government controls. Many BJA projects have set precedents due to the firm’s skilled planning and negotiation in securing approvals from homeowners associations, municipalities, and the California Coastal Commission. Design professionals from other firms often consult with BJA for expert advice on such issues.

BJA is recognized internationally for its architectural originality and leadership. While some firms are celebrated for a specific design style, BJA is as acclaimed for architectural genres ranging from American traditional to Tuscan, as it is for its spectacular contemporary homes. Each project takes on a life of its own as BJA’s designers get to know their clients and determine how to meet their needs and desires whether it involves a new home or the dramatic remodeling of an existing one.


BJA enjoys commissions of all sizes, accomplished on almost as wide a range of budgets. Their primary focus is the Southern California coast where they are particularly known and valued; they also enjoy international success with celebrated projects in several countries.  The firm has a self-imposed limitation of 12 professionals on its tight-knit, enthusiastic staff; communications between them and the clients are wide open so everyone is “in the loop” – it’s practically impossible for anything to fall through the cracks.

This website is designed for easy exploration of the diversity of architectural styles achieved by Brion Jeannette Architecture. Please call the studio for a personal interview and an in-depth look at the scope of work and services available.



Brion’s interest in Green design was nourished while he was an architecture student at the University of Arizona. When he returned to Southern California in the early 1970s, his career blossomed as he and his life partner Bonnie (who majored in business and art, and is now BJA’s Vice President and CFO) formed a business partnership where Brion quickly became a leader in combining environmental concerns with excellence in design. He was held in such high regard that in the mid 1970s, the California State Energy Commission asked for his help in drafting the first Title 24 Energy Codes.

Amy, who has a natural passion for Green architecture plus a gift for design excellence and understanding construction, worked at BJA for over 20 years, eventually becoming a Principal Architect in the firm. She joins Brion in his commitment to original, environmentally friendly, innovative architecture.

Our goal is to create a home that our clients hate to leave and are eager to return to; our objective is to enhance and improve the quality of their lives.